My Peach Cleansing Foam

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Foaming cleanser for the face is just a face cleanser that helps to cleanse the facial skin of impurities. The foam helps to smoothly clear the dirt from the face without damaging the skin texture. The product promises smooth and clear skin with a natural glow from the very first use. 

The My Peach Cleansing Foam is a simple skin care cleanser with a texture of foam. It’s very light in texture and has a very mild refreshing smell. The main ingredient is peach extract which helps in slowing the ageing process. The  Cleansing Foam is a pure face wash that completely removes the dirt from your face and gives you a refreshed and rejuvenated look. It helps to purify the skin and cleanses the skin from deep inside. The foaming cleanser also provides for sebum and oil control of the facial skin that causes the texture of the skin to damage. It also helps to reduce open pores, brightens the skin tone, firms the skin by increasing elasticity of the skin cells, and hydrates and nourishes the skin. The foaming cleanser can be used on a daily basis. Take the necessary amount of My Peach Cleansing Foam and apply onto wet face and spread evenly. Massage gently in circular motion on the face until the foam is formed and rinse off in lukewarm water. Regular application of the cleanser would result in visible effect.


Volume: 150 Milliliter

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