Hanyul Lip Balm - Seo Ri Tae

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The Hanyul brand Hanyul Lip Balm - Seo Ri Tae moisturizes and protects the lips. The shine-free lip care product features a moisturizing butter formula that adheres firmly to the lips and gives them a natural sparkle without any sticky feeling. The lip balm can be applied on the lips starting from the inside and moving to the outside to hydrate them whenever you feel they are becoming dry. To use the product, roll the appropriate quantity of the balm out of its container and spread it gently over the lips as you would do with lipstick. The natural lip balm can be used on all types of lip skin. The maroon coloured Hanyul Lip Balm - Seo Ri Tae is available in a plastic white 4 g roll-on style cylindrical container with a frosty white and dark grey pull open kind of cap. 

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