Cover Foundation SPF

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The Hanyul brand Cover Foundation SPF has finely ground colour particles that provide uniform coverage to solve five common skin problems that are skin tones, pores, skin textures, blemishes and wrinkles. It also gives the skin the required moisture. The foundation acts as a highly fitted makeup and perfect cover that keeps the skin looking flawless and natural. The skin care product has a long-lasting effect on the skin that stays for 10 hours and keeps you fresh like in the morning when you applied it. To use the product, you must first apply your standard makeup base. Take the required amount and apply on the face using your finger. Spread lightly and uniformly using a sponge. Remember to shake the bottle before use. The foundation has an SPF rating of 15 PA +. The peach coloured cream foundation SPF comes in a 30 ml plastic clear rectangular bottle with a glossy white turn open cap. 

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