Coverfoundation To-Go

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The Hanyul brand Cover Foundation To-Go offers excellent adhesion, coverage and sustainability. The foundation has a much better skin expression and covering power than traditional foundations. When it is applied on the face, the product forms a makeup film on the skin surface and fixes the makeup in place. The provided puff is thinner than usual and makes the foundation closer and lighter on the skin. This thinness makes using the sponge puff feel as if you are using your fingers. The foundation has an SPF rating of 15 PA +. To use the skin care product, take the required amount of foundation in the puff and apply gently and uniformly all over the face. It comes in two colour options of soft beige and luminant pink. These colours are best suited for Asian women. The Cover foundation to-go comes in a white and peach coloured 12 g circular plastic jar with a peach cover and a matching peach coloured hinged lid. 

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