C Cup Long Mascara

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What it is: The Korean secret to achieve dramatic, sexy eyes with intensely curled lush lashes and lots of volumes. 

Why it's different: The formula active ingredients like polymer resin and natural wax for healthy, denser eyelashes. Plus, the slightly bent brush evenly combs through the lashes from the roots to the ends all without clumps and flakes. One swipe of this long-lasting mascara turns the lashes voluminous. 

Who it's for: Anyone looking for ‘no flake’, ‘no smear’ pocket-friendly mascara. 

What is the texture: thick, creamy texture ensures you have clump-free, curly lashes. Brush from base to tips of lashes and let dry.

How to use:

Begin with your upper eyelid. To start off, wiggle the brush at the base of your lashes and give nice and smooth upward strokes from the underside. Continue until you achieve the desired curly, voluminous look. 

Care must be taken to prevent the mascara dry between coats. 

Next, with downward strokes, follow the same steps for your lower lash line. 

A handy tip: Dusting translucent powder over your lashes before applying mascara will make your eyes look fuller and open.


If irritation occurs, discontinue use and seek medical advice immediately

Store in a place away from direct sunlight and children 

Do not share your mascara 

Brand: Berrisom

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