Angel Lip Tatoo - Shy Azalea

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Ever dreamt of a lip makeup that you can wear in the morning and just forget about? It seems Berrisom has heard your inner voice. Meet the long-lasting, water-resistant tattoo lip stain in the shade Shy Azalea. If you’ve used this one before, just continue appreciating the better coverage and glam look it gives. If you’re coming across the name for the first name, know this: unlike most stains, Angel Lip Tatoo not only stains your lip but hydrates and softens. This creamy formula is light and non-sticky. In fact, the lip tattoo tint is super pigmented and spreads effortless, so take a little bit and spread all over your lips with the applicator and build it up accordingly. Apply it in the morning, it will last up to 6 hours. 

Housed in a pretty little bottle, the tint is available in 5 other shades - Rosy Rose, Happy Camellia, Lovely Iris, Dreamy Cherry Blossom, and Sunshine marigold. The travel-friendly packaging is leak proof, too. It has a nice wand applicator. When applied, it never creates dry or patchy feel on the lip.

How To Use:

After exfoliating the lips with a lip scrub, line your lips with a lip liner or lip pencil. Next, start applying the lip tint from the middle of lip outward. This way, more stain concentration will be on the larger part and gives a fuller appeal. 

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