Matte Fix Red Intense – Brick Red

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Now, paint your lips red with this amazing Matte Fix Red Intense – Brick Red Lipstick from the house of J.One. It is a mesmerizing shade that gives an opulent and elegant look without looking flashy.

The colour has been created after a beauty trend analysis by the company. This lavish shade is vibrant and classy. The pigment quality is high that stays for long. A single coat gives a more natural look. A double coat can create a dramatic effect. The texture of the colour is smooth and doesn’t clutter together forming clumps. The finish is neat and matte. 

This lipstick has been enriched with Macadamia nut oil which is rich in omega fatty acids. This oil is light textured and is absorbed easily by the skin. It nourishes the skin without leaving any greasiness. The omega fatty acids keep the skin soft and help in repairing the damaged cells. All the raw materials used are sourced without harming the environment.

This lip colour comes in a 3.5-gram glossy pack. It has to be opened and twisted to use. When the colour pops out, apply it on the lips starting from outer edges and then cover the inner sides. It can give a natural look with light gradation. For a deeper colour, give a complete second coat. It can be used with another colour to create interesting colour and look. The lipstick hydrates the lips and instantly lifts the look of the face.

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