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J.One’s Black Jelly Pack is an overnight gel pack that helps to nourish the skin to a youthful and smoother complexion. This pack works on to reduce the signs of aging effectively like the fine lines and wrinkles.The mask hydrates the skin and makes it fuller. It has been enriched with Niacinamide . . .Read more
The Hana Cream from the house of J.One is an anti-ageing cream packed in capsules for easy application and perfect proportion as per the skin need. It takes care of all problems pertaining to the ageing skin.Fullerene is the star ingredient of the product. It plumps and protects the skin against fre . . .Read more

Hana Cream

The Jelly Cleanser from J.One is a gentle but effective cleanser that removes both the impurities and makeup on the skin. It combines the two steps of cleansing the makeup routine into one.  The formula can convert from gel to foam on touching with water. It cleanses the skin deeply while . . .Read more
J.One’s Jelly Cream is a moisturizer with dual benefits of anti-ageing and skin brightening. This cream firms and hydrates the skin.The cream has hyaluronic acid that hydrates the skin cells from inside without any greasiness. It has natural extracts with many benefits:Lemon Peel Oil- reduces brea . . .Read more

Jelly Cream

J.One’s Jelly Pack nourishes and hydrates the skin while creating a perfect base for the makeup. It hydrates, plumps and tightens the skin in one single step making skin care easy and quick.The gel-like pack replenishes the skin with hydration that keeps the cells happy and relaxed throughout the . . .Read more

Jelly Pack

Now, paint your lips red with this amazing Matte Fix Red Intense – Brick Red Lipstick from the house of J.One. It is a mesmerizing shade that gives an opulent and elegant look without looking flashy.The colour has been created after a beauty trend analysis by the company. This lavish shade is vibr . . .Read more
Matte Fix Red Intense – Deep Red is a lush and luxurious lip colour from J.One. This is a bedazzling shade that gives a bright, diva like look. This beautiful red lip colour has been created after a beauty trend analysis in which the opinions of actresses were taken. The colour looks lavish w . . .Read more
Now indulge your lips with this Matte Fix Red Intense – Orange Red lipstick from J.One into a world of colour. This vibrant shade has a beautiful and cheerful colour that uplifts the face giving a bright look. The colour is high in pigment and covers the lip well in a single coat. For a darke . . .Read more
Now transform yourself into a diva with a single stroke of Matte Fix Red Intense – Pink Blue Red lipstick from the house of J.One.A beauty trend analysis has been done to create this shade which has been liked by the actresses. The pigment used is of high quality and stays for a long time giving a . . .Read more